From Desktop to Mobile: LocalEyez

Main screens of LocalEyez mobile app
LocalEyez suggests local events and experiences determined by users interests. This app will use the location, time of the year/month/week, users interests, and lifestyle to provide them with personalized activities. Activities can range from introductory art classes, block parties, and food tours. Users can filter through activities based on price, location (i.e., 1-5 miles, 10-15 miles, etc.), and atmosphere such as ‘family-friendly’. LocalEyez partners with local newspapers, journals, and bloggers to provide users with the optimal experience. LocalEyez is now making a push towards partnering with art studios, education centers, and local event spaces to provide users with more activities going on in their city. Know what you can do at any time.

Provided Deliverables

Going from Website to Mobile

My job was to use the mood board, the personas, and the website wireframes to create a mobile app with a flow already familiar to users of the website. While they did provide the color palette used on the website, I was free to explore alternatives to allow the app to feel more fun and inviting to new users of LocalEyez.

Low Fidelity wireframes for LocalEyez

The first thing I did was create some low-fidelity wireframes after some quick sketches of the screen layouts. Because I often use a small whiteboard for sketching, I do not have images of the sketches created for this particular project as I forgot to take pictures of the sketches prior to erasing them. In the future, I will have a Rocketbook that allows me to instantly upload the sketches.

Design library for assets used to create LocalEyez mobile app

After coming with an idea for the layout of the different screens of the user flow, I set about creating an inventory of all of the assets I would need within a design library. I also set about refreshing the color palette with blue, green, pink, and yellow to give it a more vibrant look and feel.

Hi fidelity mockups of LocalEyez mobile app

This is the final mockup of what the app would look like with simple user flows for quickly creating an account, viewing events, and editing ones user profile.

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