Redesigning The Daily Nosh

Original logo and color scheme for The Daily Nosh
My DailyNosh suggests a recipe and shopping list based on your budget, what you have in your fridge, your schedule, diet, and shopping preferences. This app learns the user's location, budget, time of the year/month/week, preferences, diet, and lifestyle, and history of previous purchases to send personalized shopping lists, recipes, seamless order integration and pushes from the app's partner clients, Amazon and Fresh Direct, a local New York City grocery delivery service.

For this particular project, I was tasked with updated and refreshing the app's color palette using provided deliverables such as a mood board, user personas, and low fidelity wireframes.

Provided Deliverables

Implementing the Branding

Original color scheme and branding for The Daily Nosh

After going over the deliverables, I chose a few specific frames and began to implement the color palette and branding choices that were made prior to any of my own input.

Refreshing the Color Palette

Updated color palette for the Daily Nosh

After implementing the provided colors and branding, I was given a final task of updating the color scheme for the app to invoke more bright, happy emotions among users. I selected green and yellow as it is often reminiscent of spring which could represent fresh, new beginnings.

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